D-Day Heritage Center

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  • Posted on: 21 July 2015
  • By: patrick

News Updates

A Sherman Mk4 A4 tank manufactured in 1943, and which saw action in Normandy in 1944, has been brought back to the UK and now rests prominently outside the soon-to-be opened D-Day Centre in Castletown, Portland.

Derek Luckhurst, a local entrepreneur and the person behind the Castletown

Full Summary

D-Day Heritage Centre

In July 2014 Agincare, one of the largest independent care providers in the UK, moved their head office to Admiralty Buildings in Castletown and have offered to lease free of charge approximately 300m2 of their building to establish a D-Day Heritage Centre. With the cooperation of the Trustees of the Weymouth Museum and the Portland Museum, many artefacts that have not seen the light of day for many years will be on display.  The theme of the Heritage Centre will be to tell the history, both the good and the bad, of Castletown from how it got its nickname of Drunkards Row to the many uses it had during World War II. 

Recognising the historic link between Castletown and the Americans during the D-Day landings, and building upon the significant presence of the two almost intact Mulberry Harbours, a section of the Heritage Centre will be have an American themed tribute to the battle hardened American 1st Division who embarked in June 1944 and headed off to Omaha beach in Normandy.