Floating Pontoon

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  • Posted on: 21 July 2015
  • By: patrick
Scuba Diving at Portland in Dorset
Holiday Accommodation for Scuba Divers at Portland in Dorset
Scuba Divers at Portland in Dorset

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Over three years ago Portland Port and Derek Luckhurst first met to discuss an Underwater Curiosity Park with the idea of creating a novel dive site in Portland Harbour that is resilient to poor weather conditions and, therefore, ideal for beginners and a haven for the more experienced divers in

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Floating Pontoon

For decades scallop and crab shells and a miscellany of nautical rubbish have been dumped alongside Crabbers' Wharf. At spring low tides local volunteers have been removing all rubbish so that once permissions have been sought from the appropriate authorities, construction can commence on the floating pontoon which will be approximately 25 metres long by two metres wide and whose use will not be subject to tidal conditions allowing small and medium sized boats to moor up irrespective of tidal conditions..

The pontoon will be free to use allowing dive boats to moor up so that the heavy dive gear can be loaded directly into the boats and furthermore the air filling facilities of the Hotel Aqua are within easy reach just across the council car park.