Scuba Diving support facilities

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  • Posted on: 20 July 2015
  • By: patrick
Scuba Diving at Portland in Dorset
Holiday Accommodation for Scuba Divers at Portland in Dorset
Scuba Divers at Portland in Dorset

News Updates

Over three years ago Portland Port and Derek Luckhurst first met to discuss an Underwater Curiosity Park with the idea of creating a novel dive site in Portland Harbour that is resilient to poor weather conditions and, therefore, ideal for beginners and a haven for the more experienced divers in

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Scubadiving support facilities

In addition to the FREE floating pontoon and the luxury holiday apartments being built on Crabbers' Wharf, businesses within Castletown will be investing in its existing facilities so that scubadivers have all they require on hand to to ensure a great time is had by all and they will come back again and again!

  • FREE slipway for the launching of dive boats
  • It is intended to supplement the existing parking facilities with additional parking, specifically for vehicles with trailers
  • Conversion of the Castletown toilet block to a Dive Shop & Training Centre
  • Improving the space and facilities of the slipway
  • The Hotel Aqua currently provides an air filling facility and accommodation and will be looking to develop their catering and accommodation specifically for scubadivers
  • Opening up of a convenience store.