Partners of the Project

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The Castletown Regeneration Project would not be possible without the on-going support and cooperation of a number of local organisations:

PORTLAND PORT have kindly helped with the establishing of the Underwater Curiosity Park, especially with regards to gaining a lease from the Crown Estate. Furthermore, without their help and advice we would not have been able to clear the debris alongside Crabbers' Wharf or get the lease for the 25m floating pontoon.

THE CROWN ESTATE own the rights to the seabed and have granted the Castletown Regeneration Project leases for both the Curiosity Park and the floating pontoon.


AGINCARE is one of the largest independent care providers in the UK and since their move to Castletown have provided much of the manpower to clear the Crabbers' Wharf beach. In addition they will be leasing the space for the Castletown Heritage Centre. Agincare is owned by Derek Luckhurst whose brainchild the Castletown Regeneration Project is, and he is also providing much of the impetus and initiative. Derek's family has over 5 generations of close ties with Castletown, from his Grandfather who was a Rigger on the ships through to himself and his sons who currently work in Castletown. 

Setting out the ambition, priorities and approach to enable the growth of the local economy to create stability and prosperity. This is a shared agenda developed by the public and private sectors, taking into account the different opportunities and challenges that Portland needs to address.