Scubadiving at Castletown

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  • Posted on: 13 July 2015
  • By: patrick

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Over three years ago Portland Port and Derek Luckhurst first met to discuss an Underwater Curiosity Park with the idea of creating a novel dive site in Portland Harbour that is resilient to poor weather conditions and, therefore, ideal for beginners and a haven for the more experienced divers in

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Scubadiving revitalisation - a brief overview

Portland Harbour is recognised as one of the best diving locations in the country. It offers hundreds of shipwrecks and interesting dive sites, as well as its status as an area of nautical outstanding natural beauty being part of the Jurassic coastline. The aim of this part of the Castletown Regeneration Project is to revitalise the scuba diving industry by improving the facilities for scuba divers. This will comprise 3 key developments:

  • In addition to the numerous existing wrecks and features, the creation of a 70m x 30m Underwater Curiosity Park in Balaclava Bay inside the protective walls of Portland Harbour with a variety of underwater curiosities.
  • The scuba diving facilities will be improved with the creation of a Dive Shop & Training Centre plus the improvements to the launching facilities so that launching dive boats and all the necessary facilities that are required, will be on hand to ensure quick, easy and cheap launch and recovery of boats.
  • The final element is the investment in one of the key foundations on which any tourist area needs, namely, accommodation, food and entertainment. With the influx of tourists will come the necessary investment in the pubs, hotels, restaurants, and convenience stores all vital to ensuring the attractiveness of Castletown as a first class scuba dive destination. First class self catering accommodation can be found at Crabbers Wharf and there is now a Convenience store located practically opposite.