Castletown is a small village in Underhill on the Isle of Portland in Dorset and since the navy moved to Plymouth, Castletown has been in a state of decline. Even though Castletown still has a very solid foundation on which to re-build a business and tourism infrastructure. The vision of the Castletown Regeneration Project is to see it once again as a vibrant, busy commercial centre offering first class scuba diving facilities, a number of historical attractions celebrating the rich history of Castletown including an American-themed ‘D-Day’ attraction and a number of marine business units for the local fishing industry.

  • Posted on: 8 January 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Scuba Diving

A new world to explore, safe inside the harbour walls

The aim is to revitalise Portland's scubadiving industry by improving the facilities and providing an Underwater Curiosity Park which is protected from adverse weather, for all levels of diver.

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Historic Castletown

A Heritage Centre with WWII relics and curiosities

To complement the Henry VIII fort and the Mulberry Harbours the Project will create a D-Day Heritage Centre with attractions specifically for the walking tourists coming off the cruise liners in Portland.

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Crabbers Wharf

New pontoon, industrial units and holiday apartments

The Crabbers’ Wharf redevelopment consists of three main elements: a new 25m floating pontoon, 10 marine industrial units and nine new purpose-designed holiday apartments.

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